I’m Kendra Sarvadi, a designer based in Asheville, North Carolina.

A generalist working to strengthen my information architecture skills, I have experience planning and conducting user research, designing solutions, creating and facilitating usability tests, and finding meaningful ways to share research outcomes.


What I do:

Research, to get us off on the right foot

It’s true that if we head in any direction long enough, we’re bound to get somewhere. Research is how we figure out where we are, and decide where we want be, so that we end up where we intend to.

Design, to put all that info to good use

When we understand the problem a bit better, and we’ve learned some things about the people we’re designing for and the context in which they’ll use what we make, we can begin working on some ideas for solutions.

Testing, because we’re not done learning yet

And of course, when we’ve got some ideas to try out, it’s time to put them to the test.
I’ve found this is a great time to evaluate designs against established principles and best practices before submitting them to testing with users.

Neglect preliminary research at your own peril.

Neglect preliminary research at your own peril.


Some recent work:

  • A web application for service evaluations of health care providers

  • A mobile application for teams in a large medical facility

  • The first phase of an enterprise intranet redesign

  • The community visioning phase of a placemaking project

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I aim to help cultivate an equitable and just society by questioning assumptions about the problems we face as humans, and technology’s role in helping to solve them; by learning from and collaborating with those who confront specific problems most intimately; and by applying my skills and heart to the task of designing solutions that really work for the people most deeply and urgently affected.


Design is a tool for changing the world, but only if we use it that way.

And it’s a collaborative effort. If you want to team up and do good, I hope you’ll get in touch.